How healthy is your project?

Get your project health check hereSome time ago I went to my own doctor. He is a sarcastic man who is an excellent diagnostician. I asked him a simple question;

Do you do health checks for males?” His answer rather startled me.

“Waste of time, you can have all the tests come back normal and while here in the surgery you could have a heart attack and die!”

I reflected that I felt OK!!

After my sobering walk home I asked myself what about clients’ projects? How healthy are they? Will their project suddenly drop dead? Are they being starved of nutrients -cash and resources?

I do not know the real answer to this question but I can probably guess:

  • which projects will struggle to deliver
  • which projects need more resources
  • which projects should be put out of their misery…..I’m not usually a proponent of euthanasia

    Clearly, some project boards do check that a project is progressing. But, this seems to be really short term i.e. are you going to hit your milestones? If yes, fine, but the key is what about the longer term

    Nor do organisations examine how healthy project management is within the company. Is it really working for the organisation? Is it really delivering those changes that the business wants?

    Too often we see that people are delivering in the same way as they always have done. The old saying is:

    If you always did what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got.

    Why not call me to talk about how healthy your project is or how healthy your project management approach is for the company? Click here to get in touch

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