Bring out your dead (projects)

To the tune of funereal music………the procession was not too long, but long enough for the company to realise that:

  • there were unfinished projects lurking in the reaches of the business that needed to be killed off
  • project sponsors had little knowledge what was and what was not being worked on (this of course improved with this ‘bring out your dead’ exercise
  • some people’s shoulders were no longer drooping; people suggested that they felt much more motivated now they had buried their dead projects
  • key business projects moved from red to green very quickly (see RAG reporting) the explanation given by project teams was they were not working on ‘dead’ projects – projects that contributed little to the business
  • money allocated to ‘dead’ projects was reallocated to other work and in some cases simply saved

Monty Python’s “Bring out your dead” scene from The Holy Grail

Senior managers suddenly felt they had a grip on project management in the business ….that was until it was suggested they should undergo project sponsor training. But, that is another story…..

  • So, is it time to bring out your dead?
  • Is it time to drop those projects that will make little or no difference?
  • Is it time to forget those projects that do not link into the overall objectives of the business?
  • Is it time to get a bit smarter?

I will leave you to answer these questions

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