Who ‘owns’ project management in your company?

It’s mine, it’s mine!


  1. Ensures that project management is used as an effective tool in the business
  2. ‘Encourages’ others in the company to use it on major projects
  3. Helps to create and build a project management structure for the business that ensures effectiveness of deliver e.g. a project office
  4. Ensures that project boards operate effectively
  5. Ensures that projects are aligned with the overall company objectives
  6. Is the figurehead, voice for project management in the business – speaks for it
  7. Deals with grey areas in and around project management – e.g. boundary management between projects
  8. Helps source funding for project management training
  9. Encourages community of practice (or communities of practice) to be formed and run
  10. Encourages senior managers and directors to be appropriately trained

Maybe the spec’ is different for your business, but, which senior manager owns project management and what else is needed?


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  2. PM Hut says:

    I guess it’s the PMO…

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