Why don’t they improve project delivery?

I  ran a course recently where the above very frustrated words were spoken.

The gist of this was that this person’s bosses (senior managers) had been on the training that this person was attending. They told her that she would not only enjoy the training but find it useful.

But, “They have not taken on board many of the key learning points we discussed from the course.” commented this course delegate. We decided to look at why this was the case several reasons were put forward:

  • they did not use the buddy group approach where pairs work together post course to put into play their actions
  • the internal management approach does not lend itself to the management of a portfolio of projects
  • the project prioritisation process is not used throughout the business – I has a  is a patchy uptake
  • there is a lack of project leadership at senior management level. The group highlighted that some projects did not have for example, business cases or risk assessments. It was suggested that if there was true leadership then these projects would not proceed
  • stage gates were included within the project processes for the company however no one has ever asked anyone on the course for information to make decisions about the project

I challenged the group to look at what they would take back from this particular course. I challenged them to ensure they would not follow the example given by this person and I challenged them to help improve project delivery.

Here's the improved project delivery you asked for

Yes, there are some structural and strategic issues to address which I am discussing with the business but why not a pincer movement with those on the course reporting back what they have learned?

So, what’s holding back your company from improving project delivery?

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