Practical project management training – it works!

Last week saw me running 2 Perfect Project courses for a client in Switzerland.

Both groups went through a wide range of practical activities designed to develop their project management skills. Interestingly, someone commented on my colleague Alison Smith’s blog Training is like coffee – you need the right blend! I received an email saying that bespoke was best. I found this an interesting comment. My response to this to the comment was that while bespoke was useful what was needed was practical training. Yes include some theory, however let people get involved in running a project during the training.

Now, switch back to the courses in Switzerland.

The groups got involved in a wide range of activities, individually, in pairs and in larger groups. One of these was the development of a works and product breakdown based on a general case study we have developed.

The pictures below show what they produced.

At the end of the course I asked everyone to identify the most valuable learning experience from the course. The people in the group who produced the above charts to a person said that the development of the work breakdown was the most useful.

While running the second course, I met with one of the group members who said they were planning on doing a work breakdown for a current project – rather than the list of meaningless tasks.

Practical project management training– it works

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