Project managers, you have a lot of responsibility

I asked a group of people on one of our courses to identify all of the documents they may have used during a project. I also asked them to look at who has the responsibility for ensuring the documents were delivered or prepared.

The list was pretty long and included areas such as risk log, communications plan, business case, project initiation document etc. The list of who is responsible for ensuring their completion was pretty scant! The main character being the project manager!

The group were pretty quiet when I pointed this out and the main comment that main came back to me was they had not realised the enormity of the role. I played this down suggesting it is like anything else that is new; looks daunting and but over a period of time, with practice becomes second nature.

Do I want to be a project manager?

The course was very much about developing project management knowledge and skills and it certainly achieved that however one person did query whether they wanted to be a project manager!

We had an interesting debate with some people feeling they would delegate some or a lot of the work. But, a throw away comment by one course participant drew a sharp intake of breath from the group! One person suggested that by doing this the project manager was no longer accountable for the work! I then spent some time talking about the art of delegation and introduced them to a 6 stage model that works and works very well.

So, a hard skills course (project management) gave participants some soft skills to work on and practice. You can get your download to delegation which offers you 6 rules and one more….practice!

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