What sort of project manager role model are you?

The caller sounded relieved, very relieved. She had had a difficult experience but she faced up to it and came through unscathed. She put the phone down a happy person.

I speak to many different people, and one person came to me a while ago saying she was not too happy with her project manager. This project manager among other things, kept things to themselves, did not delegate, and it appeared that this person was not respected by the project team members.

She was part of the team and had recently been selected to lead another small project while continuing within the existing project, as a team member.

In her own words she said:

My previous project manager was great. He would …”and she rolled off a number of positives about him. She was now worried about the new role. How would she cope, and how should she play it?

I suggested she had answered her own question. Simply adopt the behaviours of the ‘good project manager’, remembering the impact of the negative behaviours on the team of the current project manager. That is what she did.

Eye viewThe phone call? This was about 6 weeks after our conversation. She rang to thank me for suggesting she adopt the positive behaviours. It had been difficult for her but it was a huge learning experience. She cited going to a meeting where she followed the example of the ‘good’ project manager –preparation, pre meeting discussions with several people, developing a clear agenda (with timings) and it worked. She was very grateful.

I have written before about the use of positive role models. The motto I gave this person was this: “Remember, we are being watched and assessed all the time!

Who are your project management role models and would you benefit from copying them?



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