Do you really engage with stakeholders?

I came home after a long day looking forward to a lazy evening relaxing. But as I approached my garage (behind my house) the way was blocked by a lorry discharging its load.

I cannot get my car into my garage

I cannot get my car into my garage

To explain; there is a building site at the end of the road where a series of apartments is being built (whatever happened to the word flat?). The builders are using the access road to our garage as a place to offload.

I had to wait around 15 minutes before the truck moved away. The driver did not even give me an acknowledgement. The next day I went to see the site manager. He introduced himself as the project manager and when I explained the situation he said; “leave it with me, I will ensure this does not happen again.”

I left feeling reassured. I then left for one of my many trips abroad.

I came home to a letter from the project manager

Seven days later I came back to a letter from the site manager, which had been sent to all local residents. He was introducing himself to everyone and he apologised for any inconvenience the building work may have caused. He gave his personal mobile number and invited people to contact him if there were any issues he needed to know about.

I called into his site office to thank him for sending out the letters. He said that I had inspired him to write the letter as he felt that the previous project managers (there had been 4) had made no effort at all. He commented that since sending out the letter he had:

  1. Received text messages saying thank you
  2. Found out that there was a car parking issue which he resolved straight away
  3. Received personal visits thanking him and encouraging him along the way
The road to my garage.

The road to my garage.

Investment working with stakeholders pays dividends

He said he felt he was able to justify the time invested, as he felt the car parking issue could easily have festered and continued for a period before a row built up. He did not know about it prior to his letter however, as soon as he became aware of the situation, he corrected it!

He said; “I have always engaged with stakeholders and the results usually worked in favour of everyone. I can’t always solve the problems in the stakeholders favour, however I do try.”



So my question is: how much do you really engage with stakeholders? The results are there to be seen for this guy. Maybe you could have the same?

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