Project managers, do you agree? Your job is boring?

According to an article in the Independent newspaper ‘the world’s most boring jobs’ have been revealed.

Emolument, an employment specialist has surveyed 1,300 professionals in 14 different sectors and project management did not do well! It was the second most boring job!

Now I could give you my ideas as to whether project management is boring however what do you think – the practising project manager, or team member or sponsor do you agree?


Survey from Emolument showing the most boring jobs – – do you agree?

The survey also shows which are the most boring countries to work in. So if you live in UAE and have legal or project management job then you may well have a few  ‘issues’.

Take a look at the article and let me know if you agree! You can see it at

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2 Responses to Project managers, do you agree? Your job is boring?

  1. Kevin Stears says:

    Interesting if not sweeping statement. Project management covers a multitude of diverse areas including areas such as construction, finance, IT, Healthcare, business change etc and therefore each will have their own nuances and hold different levels of interest for different people. It would be interesting to see if certain fields are prevalent (the article did not give any detail I’m not sure that I personally would find working as a PM in finance or healthcare interesting . In my chosen field project management is so multi faceted I do not see personally how it can become as boring as suggested. All jobs have mundane parts to them but boring? Just as its part of a PMs role to ensure that their team remain stimulated you have to look up the chain as well. It looks like executive management are happy but those beneath are not so. Maybe they need to look down now and again. Generally sounds like some need to consider a career change.

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Hi Kevin apologies for the delay in responding.

      I agree – in some sense -….I have spoken with several project managers who are bored. It’s their judgement, not mine. One of them did say he disliked detail and really disliked some of the boring processes: developing a product break down, repeatedly completing stakeholder and risk log….

      Personally, I find project management elevating and energizing! The range of work as you very well describe is huge and I have over the years been fascinated with the range and the complexity.

      Thanks again Kevin.

      Best wishes, Ron

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