How to make your project management training more effective

This is the 3rd and final article in the series on how to make your project management training courses more effective. I have given you links to the other 2 parts at the end of this article.

I would be delighted to hear your ideas…

1.       Not all talk – too much talking from the tutor makes them boring! I learnt this a long time ago. Create a positive balance between:

  • project management activities
  • tutor input
  • personal or group reflection (via process review, or activities)
  • video presentation
  • breaks and activities

2.       Finish early – this may be a strange one but sometimes, the course has reached a stage where there is a lot of thinking going on. Sometimes, you have got through all of the material and you drag out the course to fit the timetable. Finishing early can reinforce learning allowing time for reflection

3.       Observe – yes, you need to observe what is going on in the group. Take a step back and see if groups are engaged in the project management activities. If not find out why.

4.       Tackle difficulty issues – I had one person disengage themselves from a work breakdown activity. I asked the person (one to one) what was happening and he said he suddenly realised he was a project manager and did not like detail! I was able to get him to articulate this to the rest of the group and we had a really interesting and fruitful discussion helping him and the rest of the project management course

5.       Blended learning – use a variety of approaches to achieve your project management training course objectives. This can be a mix of:

  • pre-course briefing
  • pre work
  • an e-course – see for details of Project Agency e-learning package
  • pre –reading linked to an exercise
  • pre-course questionnaire that has to be submitted to the course tutor before the course starts
  • forming of buddy groups to support learning pre and post course
    individual coaching
  • hot line – having an email address that will enable people to contact you if they have a query and you reply within 24 hours

6.       Case studies – write your own based on a real project or one that is underway in the company. Use these to illustrate best practice in project management

7.       Pre-course briefing with the participants manager – this ensures that the course participant  knows why they are going and objectives can be agreed pre-course. Post course feedback and action becomes a lot easier this way

So, what’s the question?

There are 24 ways to make your project management training more effective. Which ones should you think about using and which ones have I missed out? Do let me know

This is the 3rd and final article in how to make your project management training more effective. You can find other parts at:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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