This weeks BIG question.

How realistic are the project benefits?

This week I was invited to the South West of England PPM forum (for public sector staff). It was a really interesting day and one comment caught my attention.

One local council has created a BENEFITS MANAGEMENT Board. The Board meets with project executives (sponsors or Senior Responsible Owners) to assess the real benefits in projects. In essence – they are held to account for the benefits that are in the business case.

The underlying reasons for this were given as;

  • benefits need to be owned,
  • they are often over-stated
  • project benefits need to be measured not taken on ‘blind faith’

It is in its early days so the impact of the Board will need to be looked at.

So this week’s BIG question(s):

  • Who owns your project benefits and takes accountability for their delivery?
  • Do you (or someone) accurately measure whether the project benefits are realistic and being delivered -even after completion of the project?
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