Great job – look at the PROJECT GOVERNANCE responsibility

I came a cross a great job in Australia. The job is based in good Rugby League country (my favourite sport – I have supported Leeds Rhinos here in the UK for many many years) and the role is really interesting. The main purpose of the role caught my attention and is shown below:

 Provide a single point of responsibility for the development and implementation of an integrated approach to improving project performance across the organisation.
 Develop and oversee the project operating model (roles & responsibilities, policies, processes, tools) that establishes the framework for the execution and governance of projects across the organisation.
 Lead the capability development of the community of project practitioners across the organisation.
 Provide an independent project review capability for assessing and advising major projects across the organisation.
 Provide advice and recommendations to senior leadership on key project intervention decisions.
 Undertake the analysis required to support project portfolio prioritisation and sequencing decisions.
 Establish the standards and processes for reporting upon meaningful project performance metrics and tracking project value delivery.

The introduction to the advertisement says:

“Each year this organisation makes a substantial investment in projects that are designed to support business strategies, refresh infrastructure and meet compliance needs. This position exists to ensure we get the best possible outcomes from the investment in those projects.”

How refreshing to see a company looking at the strategic ‘approach’ to projects in their business. Many of our clients would benefit from such a high profile appointment. However, what we see is that the strategy of the business is diluted because of a lack of leadership at senior management level. Project priorities are unclear, there are too many stakeholders with no overall project ownership, roles and responsibilities at senior management and even at a project level are unclear and there is little link seen between projects and value delivery.

There are lessons here for us all!

Well done I say to this company and if you want to know more or apply for this positions then click here or go to

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