Take a bow the public sector…..

Wherever I work there is always one group of staff that are hit with criticism…..IT. Yes, HR (my professional institute!) also gets savaged but it really is the IT department that gets the most criticism. Now add to this open hostility by many commentators of the public sector. So when you are dealing with IT in the public sector…..

Well, you may be surprised to find that IT and the public sector have done well!! In a recently published report by the British Computer Society; “Success: Public Sector Projects Can Work” they list a range of It projects that have been delivered effectively.

Elizabeth Sparrow introducing the report says: “All too often media stories focus on high profile IT project failures, especially in the public sector. This hides the fact that there are many stories about fascinating success to be told”

We are telling that story and do pass around your collegues…take a bow public sector!! Read the full report here


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