How effective are your project teams?

The football (soccer) season is nearly over here in the UK. Manchester United has won the European Cup and league and Chelsea have sacked their manager. Success is essential – coming second is not good enough. If you are NOT a football fan please do not stop reading. This article impacts everyone involved in projects!

While in the car today pundits were discussing what will happen in the run up to the new season which will start in August. They spoke to the Chief Executive of one football club alongside a couple of managers. They all said something interesting; they will be assessing their squads for the new season. Now this got me thinking about project teams:

  • how are they selected?
  • what is done to develop the team?
  • how much assessment of project teams takes place?
  • what standards are you/the business expecting?
  • what is done when a team or someone has a clear weakness?

All too often we hear of project teams put together really quickly with little thought as to what skills they have or need. We hear that the project must have a representative from ‘marketing’ or ‘HR’ without clearly identifying why and what role the representative takes.

Another frequent cry is when a ‘consultant’ is brought in. Team members have told us they or someone else in the team had the required skills so the specialist costs money when it should not have done and in the process team morale has been badly damaged.

So, the key message here is ensure you analyse the skills/competencies your team needs and select against it OR develop people to ensure they meet the project requirements.

Why not have a recruitment process similar to the hiring a completely new staff member; only quicker, much quicker. Project team members need skills and knowledge so why not test you have the best fit for the team?

Remember, success is essential. Coming second is 2nd best. For success, read project delivery.

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