Delivering your strategic agenda; project management – 3 of 3

Previous articles have highlighted 6 key areas for you to think about in delivering your overall strategy. They are:

 have your own in house project management system
 train the right people at the right time
 develop a project office
 ensure you have a significant proportion of senior managers on board
 develop project leadership skills
 ensure your project boards or steering groups really add value to projects and the overall strategy

In this, the final article of 3 in delivering your strategic agenda we look at two very important areas; collating data and ensuring there is clear corporate governance.

Collating data – how well are projects managed in your organisation? How many strategic projects are there? How are projects progressing? Are project budgets adhered to?

These are only some of the questions that you need to have answered. You need data to manage the big picture and you need mechanisms for capturing this data:

 ensuring you are working on the right projects – are all your projects linked to your strategy?
 checking that you are delivering what you said you would deliver
 spotting links between projects, potentially saving valuable time, money and resources
 checking you have the capacity to deliver all you have committed to
 ensuring that, having delivered a project, your management team crystallise the planned benefits

There is clearly a link between the role the project office takes (see article 2 of 3) and some of the above.

Do create and communicate widely a list of priority projects; focus on those which will significantly impact positively on your strategy.

Ensuring there is clear Corporate Governance or corporate accountability – this process will ensure that projects sit within the overall rules of the organisation and serve its greater objectives.

Governance must be led by the most senior tier within your organisation. It doesn’t matter whether you work in a large corporate environment, a public sector body, a charity or in the voluntary sector; corporate accountability is a vital part of project management.

Two areas where your Project Board can enhance good governance are:

o Overseeing project performance and supporting remedial interventions
o Accountable decision-making derived from full and timely information

The 3 articles in this series have been designed to promote your thinking and your actions – to help deliver your strategic agenda. Don’t forget, developing the strategy is only part of the race; winning it is delivering, on time, to budget and with the right results.

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