It’s risky not assessing project management risks!!

I have worked with professional staff within many industries ranging from bankers to clinicians, from social workers to nurses, from lecturers to engineers. All of these in their professional capacity undertake in some form or another risk assessment. Many of the articles in the professional journals focus on risk as an integral part of their profession.

Imagine my surprise when running project management events when I find that they do not carry their professional expertise over into the projects they are working on. They do not identify and assess the level of risks on projects ….what a risk!!

When I point this out to people I get some interesting responses;

 The broad grin
 The sage nodding of the head
 “Yes, your right but…..”
 “It’s a requirement of our profession. I have never thought about the link into projects”

Any project management training event we run, from PRINCE2 to an overview session or boardroom briefing or our Perfect Project training event includes some form of risk assessment. Without formally assessing risk all the way through the project and of course setting in place actions, we are not doing our jobs properly. In fact, we turned down a lucrative contract with one organisation because they did not want us to include risk assessment in a series of project management courses! They did not feel it was essential. I will leave you to judge.

If you carry out a risk assessment in your professional capacity then do the same with the projects you are involved with. I am less concerned about the template you chose to complete or the process behind it.

Risk is like the words you find in the stick of rock – its starts at the beginning of the project and goes all the way through. Come on one of our training events, go on one locally. The key is to remember, it’s risky not assessing project management risks!!

Click here and email me if you want a copy of a project risk log. 

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