Do you have a project office? You need a project office!!!

I have worked with many people who manage a project office. These are people who I describe as being at the hub or centre of project management within a business. They really keep their finger on the pulse and I feel are a key to ensuring projects deliver on time, on budget and with the right results.

I’m not the only one who suggests that this is the case! Gartner, have carried out some research into IT modernisation and the project office. Please, do not be too turned off by the IT side of this article as the findings are equally transferable to any part of a business including developing a project management culture.

They found that: “Effective IT modernisation requires organisation, and we believe that the concept of a project management office…….is crucial to organise for, and facilitate IT modernisation”.The research they carried out is part of a set of related research pieces from the Gartner Special report.

I have long since argued that project office have a really useful purpose (click here to find out more). Gartner have built on this. The project office is the key; among many things they take a helicopter view for the organisation, they create and manage the project register, they ensure there is a link between every project and the organisations strategy, they ensure there is a robust project management approach used by everyone and they ensure the right people are trained.

Gartner have taken this a stage further.Read the Gartner report here: or a summary here



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2 Responses to Do you have a project office? You need a project office!!!

  1. Bob Kleppin says:

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this post. I too have difficulty in saying no. Both to my VP and to my subcontractors. Thanks againg for this post.

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks for being honest Bob. It is not easy and I wish you well with your VP and subcontractors. As one person siad to me; it’s time for me to put my head above the parapet..

    Good luck


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