It’s not always doom and gloom – project success rules!

Do you remember the bridge that collapsed across the Mississippi? That was August 2 2007. It unfortunately killed 7 people when it collapsed.

I was delighted to read that this bridge will be rebuilt by the end of the year and possibly earlier. The selected contractor submitted a bid of $234 million with a timetable of 437 days. The bid was the most expensive and lengthiest of the four submitted, but scored higher than the others on factors such as quality and aesthetics.

The builder has been incentivised and can earn even more depending on how soon the project is finished: an additional $7 million for finishing by the final deadline of Dec. 24, and an additional $2 million for every 10-day period prior to the final deadline, up to 100 days.

If the bridge is ready for vehicles to drive across it by September 15, the contractors earn the full $27 million bonus — a goal assistant project manager Bob Edwards said is achievable.

This great news for the 121,000 people who used to use the bridge every day.

Another project success can be found in Marion County, Florida. The Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana will open on 24 August. They did have 1200 workers on site and some working second shifts to ensure delivery on time. One of the more interesting tests came about when 200 or so workers flushed the toilets and turned on the water taps virtually at the same time to make sure that when Colts fans head to the bathrooms at halftime, they will have enough water pressure!

Great news!

I hear so many stories where projects will not deliver on time nor to budget and when they do they do not meet client needs so I am delighted to bring you two examples here.

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