Performance management – but does it measure project management?

I spoke to a prospective client recently. He was suggesting that they had the most up to date and effective performance management system. Now I did not want to put myself forward as a performance management expert to him (and to you!) so I asked him what it measured.

He rattled off various headings that this on line system covered. I became curious. The list he gave was based on business as usual activities. There seemed nothing linked into project management performance.

When I raised this with he looked, smiled and moved on to the next topic of conversation.

It was obvious that the current performance management system did not measure project management in any way. I expressed disappointment. I suggested that:

  • project management has become the predominant way of delivering strategic change and therefore MUST be measured
  • any performance management system should take account of project management – performance, skills attitude etc

I recognised this was a real challenge to the organisation; one he did not respond to.

I am left wondering why after spending so much time investing in a performance management system it does not measure a key aspect of the business; project management.

How does your company measure project success at a performance management level? How does your company capture project management development needs? What is needed to capture real organisational data around projects? What is needed in your company?

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