Project out of control… this!

Actually, you need to read something else! Let me explain! I was searching the web today and read a really good article written by Margaret Da Haan. The article explains:

• even as a project manager you can manage something well that is outside your comfort zone

• that the discipline of project management can be used in all situations!

• that leadership is a key quality of the project manager – in this case focussing on what was important

• that communications and managing expectations are essential in projects – listening in particular. Margaret mentioned attending a meeting where management kept reciting the words, “being listened to means being taken seriously”

• people need to be kept on track – working on future functionality does not work especially when you are off track

• that you can use an issues list to facilitate focus and resolution

• that quite often you have to go back to basics

I believe this is a really good read and you can find it here

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