Cull those projects and right now!!

Consultants are frequently asked for their advice and I recently gave some which really caused a few people to raise their eyes…

I was asked what project management advice I would recommend to companies in the current economic climate. I came up with 3 issues which have an acronym, CAT

C- Cull those projects. Companies need to be really clear they are doing the right projects. Those projects you do work on need to be strongly linked to the overall company agenda and deliver real benefits. If not, stop them; re-assign the staff engaged in these projects to other more important ones. Ruthless, yes, but practical. Why work on projects that are not going to contribute to the overall agenda? And, if you do not have a list of projects you need one and quickly (a project in its own right?)

A – Audit those projects you keep. You want to be doing the right projects right. So, ensure those currently underway and which will make a significant impact are on track. If not audit them and bring them back on track. Develop plans to really deliver on time and if you have culled projects you may well have extra resources to help

T- Train staff. Yes, you have probably trained many staff in project management ensuring they have the right certification. But, how many can actually deliver projects? How many follow the in – house toolkit? How many can communicate and influence effectively? Now is the time to invest in training to ensure all staff have the right skills

Those were my suggestions. What would you recommend…….any thoughts?

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  1. I agree especially on throwing away bad project or even better – not starting them at all. That’s a tricky thing howver since companies have to earn their profits somehow. It should be always an individual decision: “we usually don’t do this kind of projects but this time it would allow us to build relationship with this big client” or “looks like there’s some money in this project but it is completely out of scope of our work and we have no experience whatsoever in that area; alternative costs would be too high.”

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