Come on you senior managers. Play your project roles effectively.

Running training events is often a dumping ground for people’s frustrations. I guess we have all done it thinking this guru will help us solve all our problems. However, some of our problems are deeply ingrained and take a lot of shifting.

One such problem is the role that senior manager’s play or should play in projects. The terminology does get in the way however we believe that all projects need a sponsor someone who gives executive support to the project manager and project. This is a person who among other things:

* Commissions (asks, tells, informs discusses) others to undertake the project
* Briefs the project manager about the project, its history and any ‘political issues’ surrounding it
* Agrees the level of accountability and responsibility the project manager will have
* Signs off the business case and other project management documents
* Actively reviews the project with the project manager at agreed dates ensuring it is ‘on track’

We have surveyed over a 1000 people who have been on our project management events and the report makes poor reading.

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