This week’s BIG question

How much…?

Is this business case flawed?

I was delighted to hear the question!

The project looked as though it would improve delivery of a service. The computer system was ordered and training was built into the business case. In all, it looked like the software would speed up delivery.

The person asking the questojn about the business case asked; how much did management time cost? He suggested that if you added up all of the management time to make decisions, or time taken to amend and test the software (done in house ) and put a figure onto the budget (which was not done) , the project would not be worth doing.

There was silence in the room with the realisation of what had been said.

So, this week’s BIG question: have you added to the business case, the time taken by management and the project team to deliver this project and the costs involved? Maybe this will impact on the business case decision…maybe it will have no impact at all…but at least you will have accurate data!

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