Too busy – well read this to enhance personal productivity

Use MoSCoW - with apologies to MOSCOW

I regularly get comments that “we are too busy” or “there are simply not enough hours in the day”. Others have said “we have more work than we can cope with.”

Organizations are really busy places at the moment and many face an uncertain future. Person productivity, personal organizational skills, excellent time management all buzz words that we all need to think about.

I came across some practical advice from Patrick Merg ( who suggested using something called MoSCoW. He says, “when I am overwhelmed, I use MoSCoW to prioritize various tasks”

MMUST do this task. In this context MUST is similar to Steven Covey’s Important / Urgent Quadrant. Schedule time to handle this task now.

S SHOULD do this task. The world won’t end if it is not done today. But it’s a task that if it does not get done could lead to problems. This task should remain in your personal task backlog (to do list).

CCOULD do this task. This task is neither urgent nor important now. This task could remain in your personal task backlog (to do list) or be delegated.

WWON’T do this task. Doing this task won’t move the project forward or provide any value. Delete this task.

Patrick says: “We can’t add more hours in the day but we can spend the time we do have on the right things By looking applying MoSCoW ratings to tasks and responsibilities, you can make sure you are focused on the right priorities and remove waste by not spending time on needless tasks.”

Good suggestion Patrick and can read more of Patrick’s Blogs at

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