Networking skills for Project Managers

I often hear the cry from project managers that they do not have sufficient resources for their project. When I begin to question what they can do about I get a range of suggestions however, few if any mention networking.

Networking is a process of building relationships.

So, my question to people who say they do not have sufficient resources is what networking internally or externally are you doing? What are you doing to build up trust in you and those you work with?

It’s amazing just how much networking goes on during our project management training courses. We have had people agree to meet up after the end of the course to see how they could support a project; others have recognised the need to keep in touch; some have brazenly said to another person how much they want the skill a person has and that they should get together quickly to help deliver a key aspect of a project.

Identify early in the life of your project the type of skills you need to help you deliver. Use all the knowledge of those in your project team and if you do not have a project team then what about your colleagues? They will have loads of networks and contacts….

Remember, external resources cost you money which may well increase your project budget so check out who you know internally. Once you consider networking your resource pool gets larger. Whether your resource pool can deliver when you want is another story and you may well need another set of skills for this.

And, if you need any help developing your networking skills get in touch with Will Kintish. He will always help and maybe get yourself on to one of his courses. I have negotiated a 20% discount when you mention my name

Networking is essential for all project managers; not the ultimate answer but it is a valuable tool which is being underutilised

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