Me compartmentalise – no, not me!

I work with a wide range of professional people. This work involves a wide variety of activity and I have observed an interesting phenomenon. They seem to compartmentalise what they do ignoring the links with other aspects of their work. What do I mean by this?

Here is an example. A group of people regularly review the risks within their professional work. They spend quite a large amount of time thinking through what could possibly go wrong. Now, when asked whether they do the same thing with projects i.e. identify what could go wrong in their projects (identifying risks) the answer always comes back in the negative. They seem somewhat shame faced!

Let’s stop compartmentalising and start to look much wider at the application of the right tool for the right job. PID’s can be used in meeting by simply asking why we are here in this meeting. Stakeholders do not simply exist in projects, they exist in ALL the work we do. Plans are across the board, we need to develop them when working on business as usual and we always need to monitor and deliver!

So, what walls do you need to break down? Make the links and deliver – projects AND business as usual

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