Have you ever thought about templating your project?

OK, what do I mean? Consider this; there are many pieces of work (projects) that are repeated by you or by others in your company. How about producing a simple record of the project so the next time it can save you time?

This is not as daft as it sounds!

I have had many people who come along to our project management training courses who say they are working on the quarterly report or the annual festival or the usual intake of school leavers. The work would benefit from having a record of what they are delivering;

• the stakeholder plan

• the project charter

• the risk log

• the communications plan

• the overall plan to deliver the work

• the issues that arose and were documented etc.

Imagine you are the person picking up this piece of work. You may have not done it before or maybe you did it say 6 months ago. Can you remember all you did? Whichever categories you fall in, having a ‘template’ will save you time and effort.

Of course, it means spending time preparing the documents. But, these are documents you should be using anyway.

Save time….save money

So, next time you are delivering a project put all the documents together and ensure everyone knows where they are…that’s the template for the next time. Yes, next time may be different but the template can act as a starting point for the person starting off the project….possibly saving them time and money.

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