This Week’s BIG Question

When did you last formally review a finished project? (Or hold end of stage reviews?)

I have often asked this question when I work with different groups on project management training courses – and the embarrassing silence shows few, if any, have been involved in post project reviews.

What is the purpose of this review?

To see what you can learn – for me this is the key point.  There are many aspects  that could go into a post project review e.g. whether you hit your delivery date or budget (or did not). But, you can do little about it other than learn why this happened. The key is learning so you or others do not make the same mistake.

I have often suggested using an outside facilitator for post project reviews – always emphasising they should use someone internal as I am sure some people think I am trying to sell them my services!

So, this week’s BIG question: When did you last formally review a finished project and really learn from the review?

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