A project management register – where’s yours?

I ran a really good 2 day project management training course for a group of staff all from the same department.

The Director came in near the end and we spent some time looking at the number of projects as well as project management issues. He was clear that the time was well spent but would be even better if the work was carried forward.

After a gap of two weeks I called him to check on progress and they have:

• created a definitive list of all departmental projects

• identified who is the sponsor, project manager and who the team members are (something which was not at all clear from an activity we did on the course)

• started to identify time scales against each project

The next stage is to confirm the priorities for the project list and confirm delivery dates.

He was feeling happier about ensuring they deliver their projects on time, to budget with the right results and speaking to the staff they felt the same

So, where is your project register, are you clear who is managing which project and the timescales? Have you ensured everyone has attended a project management training course or has the right skills? Have you ensured you have identified the priorities for the projects? If you have not done any of the above then you will as this Director said (possibly) randomly deliver projects against loose timetables in no priority order and with little accountability.

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