Whatever happened to the customer service project?

I have worked in many organizations where customer care is the most important issue. Vast training projects were established, customer care kits developed and the staff were event treated with respect.

But now….today, what is customer care really like? Pretty awful I’d say. I have had many bad experiences over the last few weeks culminating in an awful 2 hour slot today.

• the phone company we visited started badly and things got worse from there. The manager was arrogant, did not want to help (nor take any responsibility) and walked away to answer his ‘phone

• the neighbouring phone company was just as bad and when someone complained about the iphone not working the staff member, without a care in the world said: “oh, we have to send those away and they usually take two weeks.” The customer looked somewhat startled.

• lunch – a sandwich and a drink and a baked potato with cream cheese took just over 25 minutes to arrive….

I could go on as I sit and wait for another telephone company to answer the phone and deal with something that should have been sorted yesterday…oh that awful ‘music’……

When will companies and individuals realise that customers have a choice? Now more than ever companies need to provide extremely high levels of customer service. To win customers is really difficult; to lose them so so easy.

Has all the investment in customer service been wasted? I hope not…yet poor service levels do seem to outweigh the good. Maybe the economic pressure is impacting negatively just when it ought to be increasing customer service levels.

So my message to you is focus on high customer service – at all times. The option – go out of business.

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