I want to be a project manager, I don’t….

I have had many phone calls over the years from people who say that they want to be a project manager. I usually spend a lot of time talking through the options with them.

I was somewhat taken aback however when a person drew me to one side after a project management training course and said: “I am a project manager and I don’t want to be one!”

“Tell me a bit more” I suggested

He went on to explain that he had been appointed to as a project manager 18 months ago. He was not enjoying the job.

“It’s the level of detail. I like the bigger picture without getting too involved in the detail. Others love it, but not me”

We discussed this for a while and he left feeling he must look for another job.

He was clear about one thing; detail, detail and more detail is needed when managing and delivering projects. But, what if you are not a detail person and are a project manager? Well, you could try and ensure you have someone on the team who will deal with the detail. If not, this poses all sorts of risks for the project and possibly the organization. Which brings us back to selection of people engaged in projects

Detail, detail, detail. Here are some questions for you:

• Are you a detail person or can you delegate this to someone else in the project team?

• What level of monitoring will you employ, will it fit with the level of detail you are comfortable with?

• Will your risks be detailed enough to practice prevention?

There are more but I guess you get my drift!

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