This weeks’ BIG question.

This week’s BIG question

Are your project management staff doing the basics right?

I have had several conversations recently with people who suggest to that the new IT project management software is great:

“We really like this software. It will really help us get all our projects delivered effectively.”

They see the use of this enterprise software as the solution to getting projects delivered.

But, there is a major problem.

The problem: major financial investment in the new enterprise solution; little or no investment in basic project management training.

The basics still need to be done;

  • business cases worked on
  • risk clearly identified, logged and managed
  • scope identified
  • estimates (of time and cost) prepared

The above list is endless……

The emphasis according to the people I talked to was the investment in software as the solution to more effective project delivery. They seemed to forget the investment should include  project management training.

So, this week’s BIG question; are your project management staff doing the basics? If not, time for some investment.


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