Project Management Comment Causes a Stir on Twitter

When you write something it can really come back to bite you. Such was the case on Friday when I wrote a quick Tweet (I think that is what they are called) and dashed out from my office.

Imagine my surprise when I looked on Twitter over the weekend and saw some comments on my Tweet which clearly had caused some people to question what I had written. I wondered why?

It soon became obvious that I needed to write a proper response rather than the 140 Twitter character limit.

So, let me start with the comments I placed in Twitter. I said: “Strict adherence to the project management methodology is more important than delivering the project.”

How did this come about?

The first thing is to point out that it is a quote (not mine!) I was on a train recently and got talking to a couple of people opposite me. They inevitably asked me what I did and explained that we help companies to deliver projects on time, to budget and with the right results. There was a moment of silence, a smile, and they both admitted to being senior project mangers!

We spoke for a while about the project management profession and one of them talked about the project management methodology used in their company. Together they were pretty scathing about the methodology and the above quote was one of my travelling companions, supported by his colleague!

So let me put this event further into context:

• both of the project managers did not believe in the quote; this was the way they saw the company applying it

• I have long believed that methodologies should be pragmatic; I have designed company wide methodologies and applied this approach and it works!

• if a company is serious about delivering its strategic agenda, it needs an overall project management methodology. It need not be complex, simply work for them! It is a guide, not a set of rules

• the business case for a project management methodology is so strong I, and many others cannot understand why many companies do not have a common approach

• the approach is not the only aspect required; strong project management structures, excellent people skills alongside good financial management are also needed plus lots of other aspects

So, the next time I dash off something very quickly, I will check it out ….very carefully and ensure I get my message across effectively.

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7 Responses to Project Management Comment Causes a Stir on Twitter

  1. Craig Brown says:

    Hi Ron,

    That point about a method being a guide resonates with me. Guidelines are useful. Too much red tape on the other hand…

  2. Hazel says:

    And your Twitter name is …

  3. Ron says:

    Hazel, it is ronrosenhead!!


  4. James says:

    “the business case for a project management methodology is so strong I, and many others cannot understand why many companies do not have a common approach”

    – is there further discussion on this topic? and how rigorous and comprehensive is the case for an overall project management methodology within a company?


  5. Ron says:

    James, agree 100% – BUT it looks like others do not see this otherwise they would have a common approach.

    Many thanks for the cooment.


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