Project management course proves its worth!

I run many project management training events over a year and I have heard many comments from many people. One recent comment however stood out. It was said with such intensity, such feeling that the whole group seemed to stop; listen and reflect on the implications.

So, what was said?

“I have just discovered I have 3 more projects!”

Those were her words. She went on to say that she now understands why the work had not progressed very well; there was no structure, no process. She described her attempt to deliver each of these new projects as haphazard and lacking clear direction. She felt the course provided her with a structure for delivering her new projects as well as existing projects.

Interestingly, she mentioned that each of these projects lacked an owner; a project sponsor. She suggested that this maybe one of the reasons why each one was not seen by her (and her managers) as a project.

This was a key learning point for her however one person suggested another issue was important to him and his staff. He suggested that many of the tools from the course were very useful. He went on to say that these tools can be used on business as usual activities and left the course buzzing and keen to talk with his staff about the use of some of the tools.

Training has many objectives however getting a person to identify they have 3 new projects and using the tools on business as usual are real bonuses. As one person said on their post course evaluation form; ‘this course has really proved its worth!’

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3 Responses to Project management course proves its worth!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    The topic of this blog entry reasonates with me. Last week I attended an Introduction to Project Management course ( delivered by the training provider at which I work and found it an eye-opening experience that brought home the importance – as you remark above – of a structured, organised approach.

    With regards to projects without visible sponsors, how about projects in which the sponsors shirk responsibility? My fellow delegates and I were warned of the risk of project managers shouldering too great a burden during the life of the project. That really got me thinking.

    With thanks for an interesting blog entry.

  2. Ron says:

    Not having a clear project sponsor is a risk to the project. I suggest project managers put this on to their risk logs and show it to their senior manager. I know a few people have realised their head above the parapet and done this. A sponsor soon appeared!

    Thanks for the comment Elizabeth and good luck in the new job.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Many thanks for the helpful suggestion – as well as the good luck wishes!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

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