Project Governance – there are more questions than answers

Kristina Podnar (you can see her web site at recently sent out a tweet which said: “Just because you say governance to me 5 times in a sentence, won’t make me believe you have it!”

Kristina made me reflect on this quote:

  • what does project management governance mean to people I come across?
  • is there an overall governance approach that companies are taking?
  • do companies that have governance processes actually stick to them?
  • project risks – are these clearly documented and how many relate to poor governance issues?
  • why do projects still go over time and budget if there is good governance?
  • are there examples around that we can point to as good governance?
  • who sets the governance standards and who monitors them?

As the song title suggests; there are more questions than answers.

Well done Kristina for such a thought provoking quote!

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2 Responses to Project Governance – there are more questions than answers

  1. Ron,

    One of the better governance approaches here in the states if the OGC Project, Program, Portfolio Management Maturity Model.

    As well here are some resources from the past

  2. Ron says:

    Glen you are correct about the OGC model. It is excellent. Interesting to note so few follow its major tenants. Thank you for the other references.


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