Not such a good customer experience!

I was contacted by Prof Morris Pentel, Chairman of Customer Experience Foundation (CEF). He drew attention to a white paper published by CEF on “The Hidden Costs of Technology Failure in the Contact Centre.”

The report makes interesting reading and has wide application to those in the project management community. Among some of the highlights are:

1. Between 1/4 and 1/3 of contact centre technology projects get delayed

2. Highest ranked causes of project delay were stakeholder issues, poor planning, a lack of focus from senior management, lack of resources and supplier issues

3. The business impact of delayed projects added an average of 7 months project time and an extra 90% on top of the original project budget

4. None of the survey group felt that their organisation was properly tracking the business impact of the delays

5. Nearly 2/3 felt that companies were not tracking project costs effectively

6. Tracking the cost impact of project delays is a key stumbling block; 77% confessed to not knowing cost impacts or only tracking ‘some’

7. Of 23% who did track cost impacts, most of the additional costs was due to having to use project resources for a longer period of time….

8. 23% of the survey group had no idea of the target deliverable benefits of the project. The report went on to identify a lot of intangible benefits e.g. agent experience, business process improvement, brand value

9. Delivering business benefits – 39% rated this as medium; that is the project delivered slight improvement. 23% said the project exceeded anticipated benefits; 21% rated their project’s delivery of benefits as poor, 7% said there was no improvement and 4% said the project made things worse.

10. Service to the customer …service failures!

The report is yet another damning indictment of project management failure. This white paper while focussed on the experience in Contact Centres has much wider application.

Unfortunately, I will be using the stats in future project management events!

You can download the report here 

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4 Responses to Not such a good customer experience!

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  3. Hi Ron – one of our blogs correlates to stakeholder issues you mentioned, which I have seen to cause large amounts of headaches, frustration, serious project delays, etc. See “Stake your Project Claim” –

    Some other thoughts – 23% of the survey group had no idea of the target deliverable benefits of the project. That’s unbelievable! No wonder they were experiencing project difficulty.

    Will definitely download the report.

    Good post. Thanks Ron!

    Laura Bamberg
    Steelray Software

  4. Ron says:

    Laura, thanks for the comments. Stakeholder management is a big issue in projects and I will check out ‘Stake Your Claim. You use the words unbeliveable. I agree. I find the whole report unbelievable. What are senior execs doing to correct the issues raised? That of course is if they know!


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