You cannot deliver this project early.

I had a meeting with Alan. Our conversation ranged from project management e-learning to sales and marketing activity alongside project management training and wider training issues.

Alan has seen and done many things in his time and during discussion he stunned me. He told me the story of developing a stand alone e-learning project for an internal client. There was a project manager managing the project and Alan and the team proudly announced to the project manager that the project was now complete. The package had been tested and all was ready for launch. The team were really proud as they had not only finished the project, but had finished it early.

What a response from the project manager; he told them that the project could not be delivered early; the schedule did not permit this; it had to be delivered by… (a date on the schedule)


Too many questions came to mind however the two that kept coming back were:

• do we really need project managers with this view?

• what sort of training did this person have?

So, don’t have the temerity to deliver early (with this project manager)

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5 Responses to You cannot deliver this project early.

  1. I understand you point, but delivering early can have it’s issues. If the end users aren’t ready and the developers are moved on to something else before live proving then you could well have a problem.

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Hi CT. yes, delivering early can have it sissues but not in this case. End users ready and waiting, testing all done (as I understand it!) so I cannot fathom out why the project manager reacted in the way he did!

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Deborah Fike says:

    That does seem very strange. Why wouldn’t you want to deliver a project early if it’s ready to go? The only reason I could think not to (and it’s not a very good one) is if incentives for delivering interferred with delivering early, i.e. the PM got paid by an hourly/daily rate that meant delivering early would reduce his pay for the project.

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Deborah, I agree that it is strange….the real reason ..I don’t know! There seems to be no logical reason for the decision by the project manager. It takes all sorts.

      I have come across all sorts in the project management but not like this.

      Thanks for your contribution Deborah.

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