A project is like an aeroplane.

When a plane takes off around 90% of them are off course. This is because of wind, physics and general weather issues.

The plane (project) is put back on course by signals from beacons (project reviews) and changes are made to put the plan (project) back on course. It lands at its destination successfully…(like your project)

Among other things, you have to ensure you take notice of the signals from the beacons to ensure that you land at your destination.

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  2. Nice example, especially as an aviator.
    But the corrective actions need to be tuned to the dynamics of the aircraft. Flight control systems have to sample at the Nyquist frequency to provide sufficient information to stay “in the loop.” http://bit.ly/uAUKDP
    If the rate of change is X, the sampling rate and corrective actions need to be something less that X – 1/(2X)

    so for the project monthly status is likely way too long. On our large Earned Value programs, weekly samples are done for physical percent complete. You always need to answer the question – “how long are you willing to wait before you find out you’re late?” sample at least that time. For better fidelity even less. Monthly status is “driving in the rear view mirror.” It can be done, but when you run over something it’s too late to dodge the shunk.

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