Too many projects – identifying priorities helps

The project management training course was going well. There was much discussion and engagement with the many exercises …but I couldn’t help feeling that I needed to address the one main issue that had come up numerous times; too many projects. But how?

The clock was in our favour and I wrote a quick activity on the flipchart which read as follows:

“You have mentioned you seem to have too many projects. We are almost at the end of this course. Put all of your learning together by working on a solution to the problem. You have 30 minutes to work through this activity.”

This is what the group came up with. The 1st PowerPoint slide shows the problem (in simplistic format) the 2nd one is their solution the problem.

Slide 1:

Slide 2:

This is not an isolated incident of one group of people saying they have too many projects. It is a pretty regular occurrence. Plus it is not only on project management courses I hear it. I received this on Twitter recently:

Unless we look at the priorities for our projects then we may well not as the group identified deliver our strategy.

Have you got any other solutions?

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