Brasington’s Laws of Project Management

I have just started to read Mike Clayton’s Book: Risk Happens (review out soon). In the book, Mike mentions Brasington’s Laws. On enquiring the origin of these, Mike pointed to Herding Cats Blog from last year.

Learn these laws and learn them well

It’s worth a read and there are lessons in his ‘laws’

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4 Responses to Brasington’s Laws of Project Management

  1. I actually exchanged emails with Brasington long ago when I posted about these laws. He’s retired in Houston TX now. Nice guy. Was flattered and a bit amazed that his work has received such coverage.
    Here’s the original link and Bil’s (yes one L) email

  2. PM Hut says:

    Hi Ron,

    They are interesting, but they are just a collection of very well known thoughts about project management.

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      I think many senior managers (project executives) as well project managers probaly ‘know’ one or two of these. When read togrther they are scary reading and for me it implies lots of different behaviours alongside using different approaches to increase the probability of project sucess.

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