Risk Happens – Managing Risk & Avoiding Failure in Business Projects

In this book author Mike Clayton brings together I believe many of the ideas and practices that will help you and your company identify and manage risks in projects. What makes it so different from other books on this topic is that Mike uses very practical rather than academic approaches to project risks.

Practical approaches – there are well over 100 tools and techniques to use all based on a simple model of identifying your risks, analysing the risks, planning what to do to manage risks and actioning your plan. Included in the process is the need to monitor and control your plans and actions.

But, and here’s the key to the books success; it calls on some really practical approaches to identify and manage risks in projects.

The chapters that follow mirrors the above process and also includes looking at your risk resilience – a chapter that looks at issues such as scenario planning, contingency planning and business continuity. There is also another challenging chapter which I hope many of our clients will read: Appetite for Risk as well as The Psychology of Risk – I wonder how this will go down with you (and others in your company).

This is a good book that should find its way into many companies. It is applied common sense and should be mandatory reading for all involved in projects. You can purchase the book through Amazon

A good read and a good buy.

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