Develop your project team and quickly!

So, Mark Hughes has been sacked from Manchester City and the football club have already appointed a replacement.

Hughes was in position as manager just 18 months however after around 3 or 4 months the club was taken over and became the richest football club overnight. He spent well (around £200 million) but the results were just ‘not good enough’.

The news and sport programmes were full of this and there was much criticism of the club suggesting (as any management consultant will tell you) that to build a football team takes time.

Cut now to projects where you do not have the money he had nor the luxury of 18 months! Sometimes a team is thrown together very quickly. The team is sometimes ‘who is available at the time’ and often they can be geographically apart. The question for anyone involved in delivering a project with a team is this; how effective and strong is the team? How much effort goes into developing the team to ensure you deliver the right outcome?

Speaking to people who come on our project management courses not enough time is put into this important area. This is not about project management training but team development. There are many projects that rely on a strong project team to deliver effectively. This team maybe a mix of functions from within the business or maybe it has an external suppliers or consultants or an ‘expert’ on the team. Little time seems to be spent looking at developing them into a cohesive unit.

Marc Hughes was sacked! He has taken a new team to the semi finals of a cup competition and they are in sixth position in the premier league. There were many rumblings about the back room staff not being on side or even good enough. They are the ones who are accused of getting him the sack.

I am notsuggesting that we sack project mangers rather that more investment in project teams is made in order to support delivery of some very complex projects. Quick delivery of projects can be done however if you want this done through a team develop them!

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