“Great news; project budget increased!”

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew I do not believe it (British humour at its best!).

£7million per HOUR for the London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. This was the headline in The Mail Online The Telegraph on line quoted a cost of £250,000 per day to keep the Olympic site secure with The Guardian suggesting London 2012 Olympics security costs almost double to £553m.

From the Mail On Line

While all of the articles above are on a theme the Mail quotes the National audit Office who “warned that ministers are in danger of overshooting the £9.3billion budget for next year’s games.”

The articles make interesting reading however on my travels to and from Leeds yesterday I heard a couple of people express really negative views:

“Yet more money spent on the austerity games”

“We will be paying for these games for years”

To double the cost of the opening and closing ceremonies seems over the top when the government is crying out for reductions in spending all over the public sector. I know of very few project budgets that have increased; many are being cut dramatically.

So, if you have a ticket for the opening or closing events of the games, please think about the £7million per hour cost. I am!

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4 Responses to “Great news; project budget increased!”

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  2. Shim Marom says:

    Hi Ron,

    Public project over-runs seem to be the flavour of the day. I do however feel that some leniency should be exhibited here as public safety in the face of relentless international terrorism is not something that can be taken lightly.

    Perhaps the British government should send an invoice to cover the extra cost to the Al Qaida organisation for re-imbursement?

    Cheers, Shim

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Thanks Shim for the comments.

      Leniency; an interesting word. Safety is paramount however from this side of the water the costs are huge. There will be the benefit of the legacy (the area for the games was pretty run down) but I cannot but help wonder why double the costs for something that effectively be a (say) 3 or 4 hour performance. I wonder what the business case is for this…or is it a political decision!! Apparently it was made by the British Prime Minister himself; David Cameron .

      As for who pays; like it. Can we have an address for Al Qaida please for the costs incurred? Payment by return!

      • Shim Marom says:

        You are quite right to be angry mate. We have had our fair share of publicly run projects’ overruns and my blood was boiling as well.

        I wonder where is the accountability for such mismanagement?

        Cheers, Shim.

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