What are your project management New Year’s resolutions?

She told me directly; “I made this New Year’s resolution and I was good, really good for a week and then, it simply slipped away…”

I  started to think about New Year’s resolutions that some project managers may have made:

  1. to focus on the risks that my projects may well face and how to manage them
  2. to ensure that changes to projects are effectively managed by me and the project team
  3. to check that the project benefits identified at the start of the project are still current and achievable
  4. to ensure that project estimates are realistic and deliverable and if not, I will challenge them
  5. to ensure that project roles are not only identified, but carried out effectively
  6. to identify what I need to influence and have a go….
  7. that project management paperwork will support the project not disable it
  8. to capture lessons learned all the way through the project – to be shared within the team and within the company
  9. to ensure that the project monitoring and control process really does support delivery of the project
  10. that project communications is built into the overall project plan (and monitored throughout the project)

Well, there’s 10 ‘new year’s resolutions’ for starters.

What are your project management resolutions and are you sticking to them?

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