Leadership development + project management training = real difference

The weather at Heathrow airport was awful and for the first time ever, I felt dizzy on an aeroplane; and it was on the ground. When I looked at the wings, I understood why I felt so ill. The wind was moving the body of the plane and you could see the wings going up and down. As soon as the plane was in the air, I was fine.

I was on my way to Belfast (approx. 1 hour away) to work with 3 charities. This was an interesting piece of work that started in August 2011 where I ran a 1 day project management overview session The group of people were taking the Institute of Leadership & Management level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership course . This is a Masters level qualification and those who are on the course are all senior managers including two Chief Executives.

Assignments are an integral part of the course, including one on project management. This is where life becomes interesting.

The August course went down very down very well; so well that 3 people on the course chose the introduction of project management into their organisations for one of the assignments. I started the process by running a session in very early January with around 22 people attending (much more practical than PRINCE2 – the words of a few people on the course). I then did some discussions with the 3 groups and then the managers together.

This is a great example of linking structured accredited leadership development with real change through practical project management training. As one person suggested; “Linking Leadership Development that tackles real life work problems and issues with relevant training does make a real difference to projects”

The results of this work will be a long way in the making however the foundations have been laid with all key stakeholders seeing the real value of the course and the training – linking learning and development with real work issues works – but it needs careful planning, something that happened all the way through of course, more to come!

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