I want you to cut the number of projects? Do you know how & which ones?

The new British coalition government are today announcing a series of financial cutbacks. A brief comment by a BBC political commentator on the TV caught my attention this morning.

Apparently, later this year, a minister will be visiting every government department to identify possible projects to cut. The interesting issue is whether there is a list of key projects for the minister to look at and whether it is representative of all projects.

Switch to your company; if the same thing happened in your company i.e. you needed to cut back on projects (for whatever reason) is there is there is a list of key projects (project register) that someone could look at and, is it a true list?

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  1. Hey there Ron – I looked up project register in my trusty “Head First PMP” book and did not find. However, I get your meaning and think that if companies operated BASED ON this register, that they would experience wide success. They might not make as much money as they would if they took on projects not tied to their business goals/strategies – but their morale from top to bottom, their profit margin, their credibility – all would experience accomplishment.

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Laura. A slightly different view; they would make more money because they would focus on the things that make a difference! The projects to cut would be those peripheral to the overall strategy. I see a lot of projects that would not even make it onto the overall ‘project register’ – projects that should be cut.

    Just to be really clear; project register is the MUST DO projects. The projects that really deliver the overall company strategy.

    Thanks again.

  3. You’re so right! That’s part of what I was trying to say. Why don’t they GET IT? I see this problem all the time, and it is so very frustrating to me.

  4. David Green says:

    I believe that projects must be seen as investments aimed to produce a return. So to eliminate projects, I’d eliminate those with negative, nil or marginal return first.
    If a firm does not have a register of projects I’d wonder if they have a register of their other investments; and if not, how do they keep track of investments made, returns generated and risks against those returns?

  5. Ron says:

    David. I guess that few will have a register of investments however that is a guess!! Ron

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