My staff need training but I can’t spare them from work…

By Alison Smith, Project Agency

This is a cry that is commonly heard in organisations that people need training to be more effective in projects, but they are held back by day to day workload pressures. How can they be released for 1 – 2 days training when there are deadlines to be met?

The real question is how can you afford not to invest in their development?

That is a question my company Project Agency has had to think hard about. The answer is in the form of an e-learning package based on out highly successful Perfect Project course.

The course takes you from initiation to project close down and review. There are practical activities that take you through the key aspects of a project including:

• writing a business case

• key roles and responsibilities

• risk analysis

• monitoring and control of projects

What this means for the learner is that they can receive the training they need in manageable bite size stages without the need for a long absence from the office. It also means that they will be able to apply their knowledge to real life projects straight away.

Armed with their new skills, a greater control of projects, and increased success to be able to bring projects in on time, to budget and with the right results you will see a real return on your investment.

So I ask you again how can you afford not to invest in staff development.

To find out more about this solution click here

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