Do you search for development needs of project managers?

I looked at the overall process and it looked very good. There were however some areas which aroused some concern for the client. Let me explain. The process I am referring to was a project management process and was pretty solid. My role was to train people in its use.

The conversation identified 2 clear areas of need

There were however two areas where I was very concerned for the client and the areas were tendering skills and contract management.

1.     In discussions with the client, it became clear that project managers struggled to produce realistic statement of requirements. They were poorly put together and often key elements were missing which contributed to overspends

2.     The project manager’s role included managing contracts but they had several contracts that were not going well – a euphemism for costing them money and not providing the service the company required. The key issue was a lack of management of the contractor and monitoring of performance

The way forward is agreed

It was a long conversation however it turned into something positive in how best to develop the skills of project managers in these two important areas. We double checked this with some of the project managers and some of the internal stakeholders. The findings were confirmed and the needs were agreed and a clear way forward identified.

But it raises a question; a BIG question; what are you doing to identify the development needs of your project managers ensuring they have a solid development plan in place?


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