The case for the prosecution is….

Well not quite…but maybe we should in the project management world be thinking more about prosecuting!


People who we meet have suggested to us that many projects in their company are started on a ‘wing and a prayer.’ By this they are started as a whim; someone’s ‘great idea’ – an idea that will save us hundreds of thousands or “open up new markets; will hit the bottom line with 12% more profit, really motivate staff and aid staff retention …..the list is endless.

There is such a thing as a bad idea! Someone needs to test out the validity of the idea. Test it out, check the return on investment (ROI). No, it is not easy to do this. Many of the public sector people we meet on our training courses – suggest this is much easier in the private sector. Well, whatever the sector you work in, testing out the idea; getting some thoughts on ROI is essential.

We run a range of project management courses and it soon becomes clear that these ‘wing and prayer projects’ have no business case. We begin to dig deeper with them and it is apparent that know one in the group can see any return on the project. Result; loss of motivation. Now let’s be clear, this is the view that seems to be prevalent in many of the course we run. No, not everyone is saying this but sufficient for me to write about it!

Development of a business case is essential. It points to whether the project is worth while. So, to help you develop a business case why not download our free project management templates? You will need to amend it to fit your needs.

So why prosecute? Because a project without a business case is in my view ‘criminal.’ Would be an interesting if we did this!

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