Boat race stopped – what risks have you missed?

OK, it is a bit off the wall but who would have thought that the annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge Universities would have been stopped by someone deliberately swimming across the path of their boats? The race was stopped and it eventually restarted some 30 minutes later

Few would have thought this could happen.

The Thames - with no one swiming in it

Switch to your projects and where is the boat race for your projects:

  • Where is the risk that could stop the project delivering which have not yet been identified?
  • Who is the person responsible for ensuring that the risks are being clearly  identified?
  • Are risks being clearly identified
  • Are risks clearly being managed

This race attracts a world wide audience and this year it was for the wrong reasons.  No one identified this could happen; but it did.

So, to repeat the question, where’s the boat race in your projects?

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2 Responses to Boat race stopped – what risks have you missed?

  1. George says:

    This was clearly a unknown unknown 🙂

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Thanks George for your comment.

      The key issue is was this an unknown unknown? Did those involved in setting up the race look at ALL aspects of risks? Some of our clients do scenario planning – what if ….I encourage them to look at the crazy, the unspoken but thought about (death?). It is only by asking the unaskable, identifying the unthinkable that a true risk profile is identified.


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